Old Gazette Film Society

The Dorrigo Dramatic Club has secured funding to upgrade their facilities in Hickory Street. With the recent installation of projection equipment in the Old Gazette Theatre, Dorrigo now has theatre film equipment that far exceeds what was previously available in town.

Please join us on the 24th June to witness the vast improvement that this equipment brings to your viewing (and listening) pleasure here in Dorrigo. This local Film Launch Event is free and will serve to introduce you to the opportunity to watch quality cinema in town. Whilst for financial reasons there will be licence restrictions in the future regarding the films we are able to show and requirements for entry we trust you will be appreciative of having this great facility available here in Dorrigo.

Details will be available on the night for those wishing to become members of the ‘Old Gazette Film Society’, a prerequisite for attendance at future film showings. Details of the next six films to be shown to the end of 2016, approximately one per month, more info here, or check the Events Calendar here.

This makes no difference to the Plateau Film Group screenings at Mount Christopherson which will continue on the first Sunday of every month at 2pm.


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