Dorrigo Run-of-River Hydroelectric Town Meeting

The Dorrigo Chamber of Commerce invites all community members to attend a public meeting to be held at 7pm, Monday, 11th April 2016 at the Dorrigo Community Centre in Hickory Street.

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The purpose of this meeting is twofold. The first is for community awareness of run-of-river (RoR) hydroelectric technology and application to Dorrigo under the current assessment study.  The second is to call for landowners to identify possible sites for further run-of-river hydroelectric assessment.

The study area is the river catchment areas upstream of the confluence of the Nymboida and Blicks Rivers, plus the Mountaintop area to the south of the Dorrigo township.

This study area includes the regions known as Megan, Dundurrabin, Tyringham, Hernani, Deer Vale, Fernbrook, Bostobrick, North Dorrigo, Dorrigo, and Mountaintop.

Desktop studies to date, undertaken by Dorrigo-based hydro experts, Pelena Energy, have been using historic flowrate and rainfall data plus topographical information to assess the run-of-river hydroelectric potential of the Dorrigo Plateau.

Whilst these studies provide a broad picture of the potential for hydroelectric generation on the Plateau, specific site information is critical to the further development of this project.

The Chamber urges all landowners with streams on their properties to attend the meeting.  Landowners will be able to register their site and apply for a hydro assessment.  A total of 20 sites will be chosen for a no-cost hydro assessment under this NSW-government funded project.

Presently there are significant identified and unidentified barriers to the take-up of this valuable environmentally benign renewable energy technology, a technology that can provide electricity 24/7.  This project aims to identify these barriers and, using Dorrigo as a demonstration area, work with government to show the potential for RoR hydro to contribute to reducing energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

This project has been supported by the NSW Government as part of the Office of Environment and Heritage Growing Community Energy Program – visit

For more information, please contact Peter Lynch on phone 0428 426 520.

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