In February 2019, Dorrigo Chamber of Commerce held a general meeting to discuss longstanding issues raised within the community about road conditions and repairs.  The attendees developed an action plan, which was sent to Bellingen Shire Council.  In response, General Manager, Liz Jeremy and Deputy General Manager Operations, Matt Fanning, gave a presentation to the Chamber Committee in March.

We have now been provided with a copy of the presentation to share with our members and the community.

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The presentation has been separated for ease of downloading.  Pages 1-21 cover the Council’s strategy for road management and Pages 22-44 respond to the questions and concerns raised during the general meeting in February.

Pages 1 to 21 – Asset Management – Dorrigo Presentation Final 18MAR2019

Pages 22 to 44 – Asset Management – Dorrigo Presentation Final 18MAR2019